MEA - State Anemometer Loan Program

Anemometer Loan Program

To help reduce upfront risk with large distributed wind project development, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) provides anemometer towers utilized during wind resource characterization campaigns. MEA owns four towers; one 30 meter tower, two 50 meter towers, and one 60 meter tower. Wind resource and other meteorological data collected by the anemometer towers is made publically available through an online data portal​.

The Anemometer Loan Program is administered by Alpha Energy​ in partnership with MEA.

Current Deployments

  • Point Breeze Dashboard
  • City of Frostburg Dashboard
  • Scott Key Bridge Dashboard
  • Easton Dashboard 

How to Apply


Maryland businesses (including agricultural businesses), non-profits, and State, local, and municipal governments and their institutions are eligible to apply. If a tower is not readily available for installation, applicants will be placed onto a waitlist. Applicants looking to develop large distributed wind projects will receive priority in order to ensure the most efficient use of program funding. The program is not available to property owners who wish to install small residential turbines. Applications indicating development of a wind project with a nameplate capacity less than 50 kilowatts will not be considered for anemometer loans.

Applicants must submit a complete application and undergo an initial site assessment to determine if the proposed location is suitable for an anemometer tower. For sandier or unstable soil types, site foundations may require additional preparation for the installation of an anemometer (e.g., poured concrete). Any expenses incurred for this additional preparation will be at the expense of the property owner.

Applicants must submit a completed Anemometer Loan Application Form and the following materials:

  • Proof of land ownership
  • County/local government permit or authorization to install an anemometer
  • A sketch of your property (e.g. Google/Bing maps)
  • Mark location of proposed anemometer and estimated distance from closest boundary
  • Mark location of electrical interconnection/meter
  • Topographic map

Successful applicants will be required to sign an Anemometer Loan Agreement provided by MEA which may contain additional terms, conditions, and requirements.

Application Form


Additional Information


For questions, additional information, or assistance please contact
Samuel Beirne
Wind Energy Program Manager



For more questions, additional information or assistance, please contact Samuel Beirne.

Samuel Beirne, Wind Energy Program Manager

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